Joan Tenenbaum: The Idea of Color

Joan Tenenbaum presents art-jewelry based on her years as an anthropologist in Alaska. Included in this body of work are works in colorful cloisonné, a brand new technique that Tenenbaum has been refining throughout the year. Landscapes, animal life and myths are rendered in her exquisite style in a variety of precious metals, gems and glass.

Hear what Joan Tenenbaum has to say about The Idea of Color exhibit:

“It was only in August of last year that I began to learn cloisonné enameling, but already designing in color has captured my heart and my imagination!  I have become entranced with the depth and shading possibilities of transparent enamels. This year’s solo exhibition will touch on all my favorite themes deriving from my years spent in remote Alaska with native peoples: water, mountains, sunsets, birds, flowers, trees, ravens, all in enameling and all with my signature metalwork style. Planning the work for this year’s exhibit has been rather like doing a series of translations of my favorite stories yet again—visual translations into the luminous realm of color! Ever the linguist, I approach this year’s body of work with the same meticulous methodology as when I documented the Dena’ina language and traditional stories.”

Exhibition Dates:

November 7, 2013 - November 30, 2013

Involved Artists:

Joan Tenenbaum