A Group Celebration

Stonington Gallery and its staff are as confident as ever that we live in the most spectacular place on earth – the rich, verdant and beautiful Pacific Northwest.  We also acknowledge that without the very thing that many dread come the fall and winter months every year — that is RAIN — our region simply would not be as lush and wonderful as it is.

From the Cascades on the mainland to the rain forests on the Olympic Peninsula, and from the Canadian Cascades out to the Pacific coast — our region nestled in the midst of this vibrant valley witnesses a weather system that has fed and nurtured the development of rich cultures along our coastline for centuries. Provided with an abundance of food from the land and sea as well as materials for sea canoes, shelter, tools and clothing made from old growth forests, Native cultures in our region were able to take the time to develop a complicated and intricate art form that has lasted through the millennia.

Therefore, we, along with our Gallery artists from our jewelers to our painters to our carvers, pay tribute to Rain – for without it, all of the beauty that surrounds us now may never have come to be just quite the way that it did. 

Exhibition Dates:

December 6, 2007 - January 31, 2008

Involved Artists:

Robert Barratt, Joe David, Ray Dudley, Jean Ferrier, David Franklin, Nathan Gilles, Phil Gray, Courtney Lipson, Marvin Oliver, Duane Pasco, Karen Reed, Thomas Stream, Joan Tenenbaum, Owen and Janet Walker, Jean Regal Westgate

Featured Works