New Works

Cedar carvings, serigraphs, painted collage, weaving, glass sculptures

As we move into 2022, we at Stonington remain proud to represent the finest Northwest Coast art in the region. We celebrate our artists and their talent and dedication to their craft. We are grateful for the time they take to create inspired and beautiful works in all media. In February, we will feature a variety of works arriving into the gallery: cedar carvings, serigraphs, painted collage, weaving, and new glass sculptures.

In 2021, glass artist Dan Friday (Lummi) was given a major exhibition at the Museum of Northwest Art in La Conner, WA. It was an impressive undertaking and a spectacular body of work. Stonington is honored to be bringing into our gallery a number of the pieces that were featured in that exhibit to be included in our February New Works exhibit. We will also bring in new glass pieces by Preston Singletary and Raven Skyriver, including a new collaborative frog!

Interestingly enough, in the spring of 2022, the United Nations declared 2022 the International Year of Glass to emphasize the scientificeconomic, and cultural importance of glass and its beneficial contribution to society, particularly in achieving environmental sustainability.

Glass artists around the world have brought awareness of this material including its remarkable methods of fabrication, inherent beauty, and ability to capture and display nature’s full spectrum of color.

Be on the lookout as we continue to pay homage throughout 2022 to this extraordinary medium and our extraordinary glass artists!

Exhibition Dates:

February 1, 2022 - February 28, 2022

Involved Artists:

Dennis Allen (Skokomish), Dan Friday (Lummi), Jason Hunt (Kwagulth), Troy Kwakseesthala (Wei Wai Kum), Preston Singletary (Tlingit), Raven Skyriver (Tlingit), Thomas Stream (Aleut)

Featured Works