09/01/2017 - 09/30/2017

Raven Skyriver: SURGE

Young glass maestro Raven Skyriver (Tlingit) returns for an exhibition of sea-life from oceans and river systems that are threatened by pollution, ocean acidification, and over-fishing. Skyriver was born in the San Juan Islands in Northwest Washington, raised with a constant connection to nature. In his life he has seen that the Puget Sound and wider Salish Sea are the foundation of life in this region. The health of the rivers is the health of our Sound; its health is the health of our watershed. All water systems are connected, and if one is threatened and compromised, so are they all.

This exhibition is also a family affair: it will include a collaborative work by Raven and fellow glassblower–and wife–Kelly O’Dell, and the photography of his sister, Summer Moon Scriver (Tlingit). During the exhibition opening we are proud to host a pre-release book signing by Raven’s mother, Irene Skyriver (Tlingit), who has written a book on her family history and her wild solo kayak journey from Alaska to Washington.


12/07/2017 - 01/01/2018

The Sky World: Winter Invitational Exhibit

“The Sky World” completes the three-year series of group exhibits began by “Resurgence: Rivers” and continued by “Into the Woods: Forests”. Now we look to the sky to finish this cycle of winter group shows focusing on the indelible ecosystem, landscape and mythic heritage of the Northwest.

The Sky World theme offers a rich number of possibilities. Since the dawn of civilization mankind has looked to the skies and tried to make sense of our place in the immense, extraordinary and magnificent universe. Draw your eyes up to the heavens and contemplate all the ideas the sky, the atmosphere, the weather, the planets and stars present. Each generation is stirred and moved by the beauty and fragility of our skies.


12/07/2017 - 12/31/2017


“It is in our quiet moments that we draw sustenance from those places of nature we have touched. Whether it’s a wild creature or a wild place, just knowing it’s there gives us a sense of peace. As we reflect on our evocative encounters with the natural world we instinctively move to physically touch a symbol of those connections.” -Joan Tenenbaum

We welcome fine art jeweler Joan Tenenbaum back to the gallery to show the work in silver, gold and precious stones that she has been creating all year. As always, Tenenbaum is deeply inspired by the landscape, ecology, and animal life of the Pacific Northwest and Alaska, and draws the colors and textures of the region into her exquisitely-crafted jewelry. Join us to discover what she has in store for this December exhibition!


11/02/2017 - 11/30/2017

Reflections: Collaborative Work by Scott Jensen and Courtney Lipson

In November we are proud to present a collaborative show between husband and wife Scott Jensen and Courtney Lipson (Non Indigenous/Adopted Tlingit). Those who have followed the gallery over the last few years cannot have missed their wondrous collaborative beaded masks, a form they have pioneered. The two have taken all of 2017 to create the body of work for this exhibition, and we are amazed at their skill, technique, creativity and fortitude.


10/05/2017 - 10/29/2017

Lillian Pitt: Spirits from the Columbia River Gorge

October brings a show of Lillian Pitt’s silver jewelry, inspired by her Wasco/Yakama/Warm Springs heritage. Many of these works are based on the rock petroglyphs and pictographs from the Columbia River Gorge, and honor the mythological stories and characters drawn by her distant ancestors there.

October – Group Exhibit

10/01/2017 - 10/29/2017

Born of Myth and Fire II: Celebrating Northwest Coast Art in Glass

The Northwest’s hot love affair with glass has been smoldering for 40 years, and only grows in intensity as new artists are drawn to the flame. Glass is a transformative material: it must be heated and gathered, blown and shaped, cooled and refined. Smooth and clear, rough and opaque, delicate or dense, it changes its form many times as it finds its ideal shape. The legends of the Native peoples of the Northwest are similar: they change their properties as they are retold and re-imagined, and we turn them over and over to reveal new facets and truths. What better modern material to use, then, to render the characters and cultures of the Coast than glass? Join us as we honor the artists using the medium of glass to celebrate their indigenous heritage, including Preston Singletary, Raven Skyriver, Dan Friday, Allie High, Lillian Pitt, Susan Point, Marvin Oliver and Alano Edzerza.