Paige Pettibon

Paige Pettibon

Paige Pettibon is an artist based in Tacoma, Washington, and raised on the Puyallup reservation. Her medium focus is acrylic painting, but has extended to fiber art, beadwork, and other media.

Paige is Black, white, and Salish (from the Confederated Salish and Kootenei Tribes). Paige is influenced by her native northwest community by learning the Lushootseed language, tribal songs, dances, and traditions.

Born in Tacoma and raised on the Puyallup reservation, Pettibon is currently studying at Tacoma Community College to obtain her Associate of Arts degree, Native education certificate program at University of Washington, and Lushootseed language level one certificate through the Puyallup language department. Paige has worked with Indigenous youth at Chief Leschi Schools for the past two years. Working at Chief Leschi has given Paige more opportunities to learn and teach indigenous traditions through song, dance, visual art, storytelling, Lushootseed language, and the natural world.

Paige is a visual artist and will convey her message through weaving, beading, painting, and sewing. Her strength is in color theory and portraits. She is currently studying Coast Salish art forms.

“I participate in my Indigenous and art communities and use my strengths to better those communities. It is important for me to learn my culture, strengthen my practice, and help pass on traditional teachings. My practice is successful at sharing Indigenous through my art work, which includes beading, weaving, sewing, painting, drawing, and jewelry design.” – Paige Pettibon