How We Rebuild Our World

Watercolor on Handmade Paper, Conservation Framed
  |   $2,575

“One of my favorite stories is how muskrat helped rebuild the land after a great flood. The flood swept the land away making it hard to live. Muskrat dove down to the bottom of the water bring dirt up with him. Slowly, with the dirt muskrat brought up we were able to make the land well for everyone. For me this story is about coming together to rebuild after tragedy. This portrait is of Stephanie Masterman (Tlingit). She is a culture keeper, and an advocate for social issues impacting Native communities. Her kind and warm nature is a key reason why she is a strong leader and able to bring people together. The cedar boughs are important medicine across Native American cultures. The aluminum foil has reflective qualities representing the introspection of how we have processed tragedy, then we ask ourselves, how will we rebuild our world?”

-Paige Pettibon