Kayla Guyett, Jicarilla Apache, MMIW Face Paint

Acrylic on Canvas


Canvas, MMIW, Painting

This piece was on loan at the Tacoma Art Museum for their exhibition Power and Perception: Native Portraiture.

The prominent bright red hand print that covers a mouth is a symbol to bring awareness of violence and silence against missing and murdered Indigenous women. The issues of systematic violence against women is not without hope. We all play a role in enlightening and supporting Indigenous communities.

This painting captures Guyett’s raw beauty and confidence, with her chin slightly raised, wearing a cedar headband and large abalone earrings. In this painting Pettibon balances attention to details with a feathered softness. Kayla Guyett is a culture keeper who shares her knowledge among the youth and lends a hand to serve her community. As a Jicarilla Apache descendant living in the Coast Salish territory, Guyett’s ability to strengthen her cultural ties go beyond borders. Her work contributes to the maternal influence and knowledge that heals sickness throughout.