Snoqualmie Sisters and Their Star Husbands

Original Acrylic on Canvas


Acrylic, Painting

The “Snoqualmie Sisters and Their Star Husbands” is based on a traditional Coast Salish story about the changers parents. The sisters went to gather fern roots and camped under the stars. The older sister said, “Wish it was true that the red-eyed one was your husband and that bright-eyed star might be my husband.” The stars over heard them and when the sisters woke up they were with their star husbands in the sky world. The sisters did not know where they were. When the sisters went out digging, they dug deep enough where they could see their world through the hole. The sisters made a plan to go home. They gathered enough cedar limbs to make a ladder reaching the world. The younger sister became pregnant with her star husbands baby, who we know to be the changer. The girls left their husbands to go back home to their relatives and told them about what had happened. The people decided the ladder will be a gathering place for all the tribes to come swing on, the ladder from the sky world.