🖼❄️ Great Holiday Gift Ideas!

Season’s Greetings!

The holidays are here and this season we encourage you to give the gift of Pacific Northwest Coast art from our long-standing local Seattle art gallery!! Stonington offers a wide variety of art works from prints and paintings to jewelry, carvings, and glass sculpture in addition to our custom frame shop where artwork of all kinds, whether purchased at Stonington or not, can be framed year round.

Feel free to email or call us to discuss all the options or, better yet, visit the gallery to view and make your selection in person! Our staff is knowledgable and eager to help if you need any advice or guidance in choosing the perfect artwork to gift to a friend or loved one. We have many handmade, unique, meaningful creations available!

Stonington will be open regular business hours throughout the holiday season, Tuesday through Saturday, except we will be closed on Christmas Day and closed on New Years Day.

Keep in mind that gift certificates are always a great idea, which will allow your friend or loved one to enjoy the fun of shopping for their own artwork or get their artwork framed as they prefer.

Please be mindful of the calendar! If you need your gift shipped, don’t delay!

Wishing you and yours a very happy and healthy holiday season!

Warmest regards,

The Stonington Gallery Team

This holiday season, Stonington has compiled a list of pieces we think make perfect gifts from friends and family alike! Our 2022 gift guide features five categories representative of some of the offerings we have this season, but it is not exhaustive! Even so, we hope this guide can inspire and aid in the gift-giving process. Please let us know if you have any questions or would like more specialized assistance!

Featuring Family

These pieces directly reference familial bonds through nature and animal imagery.

Whoo Loves You, Baby?
Allie High (Aleut/ Haida/ Tsimshian)
Limited Edition Serigraph, Conservation Framed
20″h x 20.5″w
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You and Me – AP
Allie High (Aleut/ Haida/ Tsimshian)
Limited Edition Serigraph, AP Edition
22″h x 23″w
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Thunder Child
Peter Boome (Upper Skagit)
Limited Edition Serigraph
30″h x 11″w
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Brother Moon and Sister Sun
Terresa White (Yup’ik)
Ceramic, Pigment, Game Bird Feathers
18″h x 25″w x 6″d (approx. width of both masks together)
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Wolf Brothers
Qwalsius-Shaun Peterson (Puyallup / Tulalip)
Limited Edition Serigraph
20″h x 17″w
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Celebrating the Snowy Season

The cold, snowy weather has arrived! What better way to celebrate such a time than with a gift that captures this wintry magic?

Ice Tlingit Glass Basket with Navy Lip
Preston Singletary (Tlingit)
Blown and Sandblasted Glass
7.25″h x 7″w x 7″d
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Blizzard Bear
Dan Friday (Lummi)
Hot-Sculpted Cane Glasswith Merletto Cane Technique
7.75″h x 10.75″w x 2.5″d
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Early Snow
Thomas Stream (Aleut)
Limited Edition Giclee
22″h x 30″w 
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Snowflake Basket
Isabel Rorick (Haida)
Spruce Root, Sunbleached Grass Stems 
3.88″h x 3.5″w x 3.5″d
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Orion – “Snow Has Eaten 1/4 of Me”
Nikki McClure (Non-Indigenous)
Cut Paper, Framed 
16.25″h x 12.5″w
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About the Pacific Northwest

This artwork can serve as a reminder of home, a memento from a special time, or just a beautiful representation of a specific part of the world; whatever the Pacific Northwest means to you, our Seattle-based gallery carries a piece perfect to remember it by.

North Wind on Puget Sound
Bill Holm (Non-Indigenous)
Limited Edition Giclée Print
11.5″h x 35″w
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Reaching for Space
Jeffrey Veregge (Port Gamble S’Klallam)
Limited Edition Giclée Print (Edition of 10)
24″h x 24″w
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Repose (Giant Pacific Octopus)
Raven Skyriver (Tlingit)
Freehand Sculpted Glass
13″h x 18″w x 14″d
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West Coast Raven Dancer
Dennis Allen (Skokomish (Twana))
Open Edition Hand-carved and Hand-painted Yellow Cedar, Acrylic
25.25″h x 27.25″w x .75″d
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Orcas at Play
Jason Hunt (Kwagulth)
Sandblasted Yellow Cedar, Acrylic Paint, Rope
31.25″h x 31.25″w x 2″d
$3,100 CAD (will sell at the current exchange rate, approx. $2,270 at this time)
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Tzum – Salmon
Preston Singletary (Tlingit)
Limited Edition Bronze 
9″h x 22″w x 5.25″d
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Wearable Wonders

A gift of one of these fashionable, meticulously hand-crafted pieces of wearable art is certain to bring joy!

Reversible Chrysoprase Agate w/ Leather Chain
Lillian Pitt (Warm Springs / Wasco / Yakama)
Sterling silver, Chrysoprase Agate, Leather
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Wild Rose Garland Ring (Size 8.5)
Joan Tenenbaum (Non-Indigenous)
14kt Pink and Yellow Gold, Pink Sapphires
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Wolf Ring
Terrence Campbell (Tahltan)
Sterling Silver, 14kt Gold
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Woven Hat Necklace with Fur
Lisa Telford (Haida)
Woven Yellow and Red Cedar Bark, Bead, Ermine Fur
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Mountain Goat Earrings
Lillian Pitt (Warm Springs / Wasco / Yakama)
Sterling Silver
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Dreamer Head Earrings
Lillian Pitt (Warm Springs / Wasco / Yakama)
Sterling Silver
8″h x .63″w
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Blue Heron Cuff
Gene Chilton II (Tlingit)
Hand-Carved Sterling Silver with 14kt Gold
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Narrow Cedar Headband w/ Emerald Stripe
Deborah Head (Tlingit / Haida)
Cedar Woven Around Headband
5.25″h x .25″w
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Cedar Headband w/ Green Floral Buttons
Deborah Head (Tlingit / Haida)
Yellow Cedar Woven Around Headband w/ Glued on Buttons
5.5″h x .75″w
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Furnishings & Home Accessories

Some artwork looks particularly striking above a fireplace or in a dining room glass cabinet. However you choose to display it, all of these pieces will look wonderful in your home!

Gray Tlingit Glass Basket with Fog Lip
Preston Singletary (Tlingit)
Blown and Sandblasted Glass
8.5″h x 8″w x 8″d
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Cranberry Tlingit Glass Basket with Red Lip
Preston Singletary (Tlingit)
Blown and Sandblasted Glass
5.25″h x 6.25″w x 6.25″d
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Ebb and Flow Diptych
Rande Cook (Kwakwaka’wakw ‘Namgis)
Medium-density Fiberboard, Water-based Acrylic Polyurethane Paint
36″h x 50″w x .76″d
$12,600 CAD (will sell at the current exchange rate, approx. $9,200 at this time) 
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Wooley Dog Bentwood Box
Dennis Allen (Skokomish (Twana))
Open Edition Hand Carved Yellow and Red Cedar, Acrylic Paint
6.75″h x 14.5″w x 7.5″d
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Tree Frog and Gold Finch Bentwood Box
Andy Peterson (Skokomish)
Open Edition Red Cedar, Acrylic 
9″h x 7.5″w x 7.5″d
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Ruby II (with Drum Beater)
Allie High (Aleut/ Haida/ Tsimshian)
Acrylic on Stretched Hide, Wood Frame, Drum Beater
20″h x 20″w x 3″d
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We encourage everyone to browse our website as you see fit to find the perfect piece for whomever you’re shopping for! For convenience, here are links to our collections sorted by medium:

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All of us at Stonington Gallery wish you a very happy holiday!