Tides and Seasons of 2020 (Collaboration with Randy Foster)

Acrylic on Canvas
  |   $3,900

Malynn and her youngest son, Randy Foster (13 years of age), finished this painting in 2021. It is Randy’s hand print splashed across the woven cedar COVID mask, a symbol of resilience and connection to spirit. Randy is a member of the Squaxin Island tribe and is passionate about all areas of his culture from food sovereignty to art. Randy is a powerful voice of his people.

“It is only when we move at the speed of tides and seasons, can we see our ancestors walking alongside us. Ancestral wisdom guides us
through the most difficult times. 2020 was the most difficult year in my family’s life, the loss of our middle son Derrick, taken at the hands of murderers. My youngest son Randy and I finished this painting this year. It is his handprint splashed across the cedar woven COVID mask. It’s a symbol of resilience and connection to spirit. We will not forget and we are not alone.”