Spiderweb and Slug Trail Hat

Spruce Root
  |   $16,000


Fire Keepers

The Spider and the Slug –

One day a spider was out in the forest weaving her web. A slug was passing by and stopped to look at her design.  “That’s a pretty nice web, but I’ll bet you that I can make a shiny trail even more beautiful,” the slug said.  “I doubt that, but you just go ahead and try,” said the spider.  So the two set about their tasks, the spider in the air, weaving back and forth between the tree branches and the slug on the ground, moving in a slow circle underneath the web.  Just as the day was ending, the spider and the slug came to the end of their work.  As they were standing back looking at their work and trying to decide who had made the most lovely pattern, the setting sun came piercing through the trees, illuminating both trail and web in a shimmering blaze of gold.  The sight was so radiant that the spider and the slug congratulated each other on the combined beauty of their designs. The intricate patterns woven that day in the forest have been preserved in this spruce root hat by Haida artist, Isabel Rorick.  The spider’s web rises gracefully to the top of the hat above the zig-zag trail of the slug that decorates the rim.