Natsilané Yadí, Kéet Sʼé – Child of Natsilané, the First Killerwhale

Alder, Copper, Horse Hair, Opercula, Abalone, Acrylic paint
  |   $4,500


Beneath the Waves

“Inspired by the story of Natsilané, who was abandoned at sea by his brothers-in-law. Left to drown, he survived when he reached land. There, he carved a figure that became the first Killerwhale when it was placed in the water. The Killerwhale had a hole carved into its dorsal fin that Natsilané used as a hand hold when the creature gave him a ride back to his village. The story feels like an analog to the experience of my people, the Tlingit, as we have survived many challenges over the past three centuries. We are resilient, resourceful, and resolute.”

-Dave Ketah