Hawk Pole and Steller’s Jay Pole – ca. 1985

Old Growth Red Cedar, Pigments, Copper
  |   $60,000 Each | $110,000 Pair

Hawk Pole (left side): 114″h x 30.75″w x 27″d

Steller’s Jay (right side): 116″h x 33.5″w x 31.25″d

These two magnificent Totem Poles–Hawk (left) and Steller’s Jay (right)–were created in 1985 as part of the construction of Duane Pasco’s personal northern-style Longhouse on his property. Through the years many important familial, cultural and public events took place in the longhouse and in front of these poles, including Bill Holm’s retirement celebration from the Burke Museum. They have borne witness to an important period of renaissance on the northwest coast. Their power and beauty is a constant reminder to all present of the profound nature of this part of the world and of the cultures that manifested epic raw materials into some of civilization’s most celebrated works of art.