Totem Pole Commission

Duane Pasco Totem Pole

In 2014 Duane Pasco created an unique totem pole for the gallery’s clients. It was raised in October 2014.

Snoqualmie River Pole – David Franklin

With the commission of this housepost for the interior of our clients’ home, they wanted their pole to celebrate the ecology of the Snoqualmie River Falls area. The completed pole honors the fauna and flora–eagles, hawks, salmonberries, beavers, bears, and skunk cabbage–that are part of the clients’ daily lives. Carved for private collection in 2013 […]

Totem Pole Park

Totem Pole Park & Longhouse, Private Commission. Specially commissioned poles by Duane Pasco, Joe David, Steve Brown, David Franklin, & Loren White. Longhouse by Duane Pasco. Raised and completed in 2008. Pasco Longhouse and Pole at Twilight Duane Pasco – Salmon Prince Comes Home Completed Totem Pole Park

Duane Pasco – Raven, Orca, Bear Totem

Western Red Cedar, Acrylic, 2006. 120″h x 25″w x 45″ – Private Collection Duane Pasco meticulously documents the progress of his exquisite totem carvings.  This 10 foot totem was commissioned for a private home, with the artist and collectors working closely to design a personal piece.