Courtney Lipson

Behind the Scenes: Reflections Box – An Alaska Shoreline

Every work in our November exhibition is the result of dozens or hundreds of hours of work, and that isn’t even counting the ideas that lead to the piece. One of the most incredible pieces is the “Reflections Box”, which Jensen and Lipson refer to as the ‘heart’ of their exhibit. Courtney Lipson has created […]

Masks 2017: Courtney Lipson Gives Us A Peek Into Her Process

Courtney Lipson (Adopted Tlingit/Non-Indigenous) has developed an incredible micro-mosaic technique to bead on carved wood. In this excellent video she shows us the technical brilliance, patience and commitment it takes to conceive and create a beaded mask for our upcoming group mask exhibition, “Masters of Disguise”, opening June 1st. This mask is a collaboration between Courtney and […]

Commissions by Courtney Lipson

Courtney Lipson has been commissioned by many clients to create stunning, personal jewelry that reflect their style and interests. Shown here are one-of-a-kind pieces from years of successful commissions. To commission a work from the artist, contact the gallery.

Lecture: Courtney Lipson – Century Project

March 3rd – , 2013 Courtney Lipson: Century Project Lecture: Sunday, March 3rd at 2pm Century Project was commissioned through Stonington Gallery in Seattle, and is a multi-media work that records the life patterns of one man; key events and their surrounding energy, lessons and skills learned. Beginning ten years before his birth, the timeline […]

Stonington Sundays: Steam-bending with Scott Jensen and Micro-Mosaic with Courtney Lipson

March 22, 2009     Scott Jensen: Steam Bending a Box Courtney Lipson: Jewelry Making Demonstration Select photos from the event: