In the Studio with Raven Skyriver

We had the honor of tagging along to Pratt Fine Arts to watch Raven Skyriver blow an amazing mahi mahi (aka dorado, aka dolphinfish) this week. Raven and his team work on a huge scale for blown glass — the size of this fish was almost too large for the glory hole to accommodate. But after several hours of precise, careful, hard work, they successfully completed the blow. Congratulation to Raven, Kelly and the rest of the team!

01 Dorado reference photo
Reference photo of a dorado.
02 Frit used in coloration
Frit (powdered glass) used in coloring the sculpture.
05 Team firing - detail
The team uses torches to keep the glass hot while it’s out of the furnace.



09 Firing Dorado II tail fins - sized
All fins have been attached, and the tail is being fired.
10 Flashing Dorado - late stage - shimmer
Late stages, just before the sculpture is cracked off the pipe to cool down in the annealer.
11 Raven with Dorado II - final firings - crop
Final firing before cooling.













































Mahi - Dorado II
“Mahi” by Raven Skyriver.