Stonington’s 40th Anniversary Celebration

In December 2019 our gallery hit a major milestone: our 40th anniversary! Founded in 1979 by Nancy Taylor Stonington, our staff has worked with hundreds of artists and thousands of clients, helping promulgate a wider and deeper appreciation for the history, peoples, art and traditions, living cultures, and environment of the Pacific Northwest Coast.

On December 8th, we gathered at 101 South Jackson for a series of special events: remarks by David R Boxley, Qwalsius Shaun Peterson, Isabel Rorick, Alison Bremner, and Robert Davidson, and a performance by the Git-Hoan Dance Group led by David A. Boxley. Thank you to everyone who spoke and performed, volunteered and worked, photographed and videotaped, and attended. This celebration was a gift from us to you, to thank you for 40 years of support and camaraderie.

Take a look at some of the special moments from the day. (All photos by Ashley Genevieve for Stonington Gallery.) Video of all the presentations and the Git-Hoan Dancers are at the bottom of this page.

Robert Davidson speaks.
Co-Director Nancy Davenport lights a candle in memory of Marvin Oliver.
Qwalsius Shaun Peterson presents on his mentors.
The Git-Hoan Dancers after a fantastic performance.
Git-Hoan Dance Group performing.
Git-Hoan Dance Group performing.
David A. Boxley and David R. Boxley.
Git-Hoan Dance Group performing.
Git-Hoan Dance Group performing.
Steve Rorick, Isabel Rorick, Robin Rorick, Robert Davidson, Kandi McGilton, David R. Boxley, Shaun Peterson and Co-Director Rebecca Blanchard.
David R. Boxley with Bill Holm.


David R. Boxley speaks.

Shaun Peterson speaks.

Isabel Rorick speaks.

Alison Bremner speaks.

Robert Davidson speaks.

Git-Hoan Dancers Perform, Part 1.

Part 2