REFLECTIONS: The Collaborative Works of Scott Jensen & Courtney Lipson


Opening Reception: First Thursday, November 2nd, 5-8pm

View the full exhibit online starting at 10am Thursday, November 2nd.

Exhibition will be installed Oct 29-Nov 2nd.

In November we are proud to present a collaborative show between husband and wife Scott Jensen and Courtney Lipson (both Non Indigenous/Adopted Tlingit). Each artist is known on their own merits–Jensen for his astonishing carving skill, and Lipson for her exquisite micro-mosaic beadwork–and the two have been working since late 2016 to bring their different, but complementary, skills to bear on masks, sculpture and jewelry.

Scott Jensen is regarded by artists and collectors as a living master, and spent much of last year recreating a totem pole for an Alaskan Native village whose original pole had succumbed to the elements. Now, he brings his formidable knowledge of indigenous oral tradition and history, and his technical prowess to this joint exhibition, creating the sculptural forms onto which Courtney inlays her beading.

Courtney Lipson is known primarily for her micro-mosaic jewelry, a process involving the smithing of her own settings in gold or silver, and the setting of tiny, individual glass seed beads in dazzling patterns. She has also expanded her practice to include micro-mosaic “paintings” on panel, where she uses beads of different sizes and textures to render a scene as if painting with the beads.

In 2010 Courtney and Scott had a dual ceremony of their wedding and their naming and adoption by their Tlingit brother and sister, Fred Sał kaa and Ivy Gunalshowaxeex Fulmer.  Scott was adopted into the Chookaneidí Eagle, Brown Bear and Porpoise Clan and Courtney into the T’akdeintaan Raven, Frog and Black Legged Kittiwake clan.

“There is a space humans carry within themselves.a space of peace, calm, knowledge and awareness. We physically manifest that inner space here at our home, nurturing with food, warmth, conversation and art. We follow the seasons, harvest food in our garden and in the wild; we connect to the land and care for how it is treated. Reflecting this life is the inspiration behind the art that we do. Our art is not work nor life, it is both those things and much more. We hold knowledge and were given gifts, knowing there is a responsibility that comes with those embers. We keep them lit and active through conversations and action, in giving and making. There is no greater joy than seeing the work of our hearts and hands open up that small space within a person, whether it is food, art, regalia, or clothing; the very detail in the work asks us to hold space and contemplate.

Combining our art in a technical sense is a challenge of mediums, of method and style. Designing this exhibit began tentative and slow, with respect to each other and relying on our strengths. While Scott is knowledgeable in formline and carving, Courtney understands color and texture; both of us have an innate sense of storytelling with a sensitivity to the history behind the stories. Our self-given challenge in working together is to combine all of these things in pleasing, interesting, thought provoking ways. Our Tlingit, Haida, Lummi and Aleut family and friends have helped enrich our ability to do this, and we are grateful for their guidance and input.

Patina is the life given to an object through care and use—it is irregular, and holds the richness of time in its surface. Scott starts the process, knowing and expecting that life is given to art when it is loved. It is meant to breathe, to take and give sustenance to the spirit and the heart.

We intend this exhibit of our reflections to enable some of your own.

~Scott Kadach’aakú Jensen & Courtney Tlaxaneís Lipson

Exhibition Dates:

November 2, 2017 - November 30, 2017

Involved Artists:

Scott Jensen, Courtney Lipson