Courtney Lipson: Look Closely

Courtney Lipson (Non-Indigenous, Adopted Tlingit) creates fine art jewelry using tiny glass seed beads set into grout, creating “micro-mosaic” art that can be admired on the move. Inspired by patterns and coloration found in nature, Lipson has created series portraying feathers, wings, stones, striations, leaves, and more. In this exhibit she shows her widening array of silversmithing techniques, and works based around the natural beauty of precious stones. Debuting in this show are reversible pendants with a stone on one side and micro-mosaic patterns on the other, and other works inspired by gems and precious stones.

Exhibition Dates:

September 5, 2014 - September 27, 2014

Involved Artists:

Courtney Lipson

Featured Works

Digital exhibition catalogue available: