Duane Pasco: Life As Art

A Solo Exhibition

Detail of Occidental Park Pole. Image by Ben Schwartz.
Detail of Occidental Park Pole. Image by Ben Schwartz.

Stonington Gallery is honored to present Duane Pasco – Life As Art; A Solo Exhibition by master carver Duane Pasco in connection with the release of his autobiographical art book, Life As Art (University of Washington Press). A master scholar of the Native cultures, art and languages of the Pacific Northwest Coast, Pasco has been a central contributor to the renaissance of formline artwork over the past fifty years.

Pasco, who is not Native, is perhaps best known in Seattle as the sculptor behind the four totemic sculptures standing in Occidental Mall in Pioneer Square: a house post, totem pole, Bear figure and woman figure.

One of the most accomplished carvers of masks, totem poles and canoes in the Northwest working today, Pasco celebrates five decades of artwork with this exhibition of both new and older pieces. This will be a rare opportunity to see a wide collection of works by one of the most renowned artists working in the formline tradition today.

Exhibition Dates:

December 5, 2013 - January 31, 2014

Involved Artists:

Duane Pasco