An Early Look At Works in Raven Skyriver’s September Show

Hi, Raven!
A flying fish, the first Raven has blown. Will be featured in his September exhibition.
Raven with his newly-blown flying fish. Agreed, it is super cool!

Back in July we had a visit from glassblower Raven Skyriver (Tlingit) who had just finished a multi-day blow at the Museum of Glass. He stopped by with the newly blown sculptures to give us a peek at what we might see in our September exhibition.

As September draws near and each piece is completed, we’re starting to see the fruits of Raven’s labors. A lot of work goes into the pieces even after they are blown: when they’re cracked off the pipe each one is left with a bit of extra glass on it that must be ground off. Some are sandblasted to give them a matte finish, while others–such as Raven’s whales–need careful sand-carving by an expert cold-worker (usually Seattle-based Ethan Stern) to give them their ventral pleats beneath their jaws. Then, Raven must create custom iron stands for every piece, and a carved-foam box to lay it in. Is there anything this guy can’t do?

Keep your eyes on the “Raven Skyriver: SURGE” exhibition page throughout August and September, as we update it with incoming works. And join us for the opening, September 7th, 6-8pm!

“Embrace”, two sea otters, is ready for its September debut. Check out its final form here: Embrace – Sea Otters.
This sweet little frog is “Spring“, a free-standing hot-sculpted sculpture.