Behind the Scenes: Catalog Production of Hib Sabin’s “The Long Game”

Details, details…

We’re in the editing phase of production on Hib Sabin’s new exhibition catalog. The catalog–in both print and digital forms–will debut alongside his solo exhibition, “The Long Game” this July.

All photography was shot in-house by our fabulous freelancer Ashley Genevieve, and the introductory essay is by our writer and designer, Sarra Scherb.

“The Long Game” is an exhibition exploring the many facets of the end of life, or, as Hib Sabin puts it, “Age, Aging and Agelessness”. To produce the catalog we shot each piece against charcoal gray and on a pearlescent gray/white. Sabin’s characters are depicted as moving away from the real world and into an uncertain, liminal place–an unexplored realm beyond our knowledge–where they become ageless and timeless. By photographing each piece on both backgrounds, we had the option of showing the works in a more grounded and “real” context (charcoal gray) or emerging into that beyond space (pearly white). That mysterious and elegant font on the cover and running throughout is Gogóia, which is reminiscent of Icelandic runes by way of art deco. (Designed by Alan de Sousa – São Paulo, Brazil).

Join us from 6-8pm on July 6th to see the opening reception of Sabin’s solo show, meet the artist, and pick up a catalog. We’ll look forward to seeing you then!