Yéilch Aan ḵut ḵuwliyél Daakeit (The Box that Raven Tricked People With)

18 Gauge Hand-engraved Copper, Fur, Alaskan Yellow Cedar

Yéilch Aan ḵut ḵuwliyél Daakeit- (The box that raven tricked people with)

This copper box features two hand engraved ravens on a yellow cedar base with a yellow cedar lid. Inside the fur lined box is a copper, hand engraved, working Rubik’s Cube puzzle.

Raven is known for his intellect and is also known as the Trickster. This magic box contains a puzzle that finds order from chaos. With over 3 billion possible combinations, place it in this box and it returns to its one solution: order. Open the lid and it automatically returns to the combination that you left it in.

Approximate dimensions of the Copper Rubik’s cube- 7/8” cubed.