Wolf Cuff Bracelet

Sterling Silver, Abalone
  |   $750 Available to Order

Wolf is an enigmatic character on the Northwest Coast because there is not a great body of Wolf stories as there are for Eagle and Raven. On Haida Gwaii the Wolf was only known from hearsay as there were no wolves on those islands, but the Wolf was an important family crest of the Raven Clan.

Owen says, “When I lived in Palmer, AK, our house was west of town right on the Matanuska River bank. On still winter nights I would often hike out on the river flats where I could hear the wolf pack that lived on the other side of the river. I would sing back to them and they would answer for a while. They would stop after an hour or so, I guess they thought I wasn’t that good of a singer or didn’t have much to say!”
-Owen & Janet Walker