Wolf Brothers

  |   $150

“This design pays homage to two very influential artists, Joe and George David of the Nuu-chah-nulth people. When I began my journey as an artist there were very few Southern Northwest Coast Natives who practiced the art to the degree these individuals did. I met George while carving at my uncle’s shop in Tulalip and in watching him I was given some insight to the carving style that differentiates the Southern coastal people from the Northern groups of British Columbia and Alaska.

I knew of Joe but did not meet him until a few years after meeting George, where I had a chance to see him work on the Founder’s Totem Pole at the Pilchuck Glass School in Stanwood, Washington. Although my time with these brothers was minimal, their influence has been powerful and positive. One of the unique accomplishments these two share to the ability to execute works in various tribal styles which is a complicated task to achieve in one’s career. However, both artists have done so and continue to which has inspired me to do the same. The two brothers are represented here by two wolves connected from the torso as to represent family ties. The woman figure that oversees the two represents their grandmother who foresaw the artists being powerful and influential people long before their arrival. This has undoubtedly come true and this print acknowledges and honors that premonition.”

-Shaun Peterson / Qwalsius