Water: Essence of Life

Western Red Cedar


Stonington At 35

Michael Bonsignore’s Staff Pick:

Water speaks to me in several ways. First, because water truly IS the essence of all life on earth. Without it, we would just be another barren planet revolving around our sun. Second, the cedar material is simple and profound at the same time, carrying the skill of the artist’s cuts and shaping and nuances in a pure medium so pleasing to the eye and the touch and so representative of the most precious of Northwest Coast materials for artistic expression. Lastly, Water represents perseverance and hope for the creatures like salmon which survive in the liquid, despite man’s ignorant exploitation for more than a century. Nature has taught us that the water itself and its resident species can recover and thrive again, if only given a chance. I hope that people who ponder this wonderful work of Susan Point will carry away a spiritual understanding of its message.