Wasco (Gold and Copper)

Limited Edition Serigraph
  |   $200

Wasco is a mythical sea monster with the head and tail of a wolf and the fins and blowhole of a killer whale. The legends of Wasco are found predominantly among the Haida and he is sometimes referred to as Sea Wolf or Sea Bear. His favorite prey is the killer whale and he is often depicted with his tail wrapped around a killer whale in the midst of a hunt.

Wasco is a popular being found in many myths and legends and is considered a spirit guide by Haida fishermen. With its ability to move on both land and sea, in the past the Wasco was known to terrorize Haida villages along the coast of Haida Gwaii. As such the Wasco forms a significant part of Haida mythology and cosmology.

Wasco is usually drawn with a wolf head and tail but will often have one or more large dorsal fins and a blowhole similar to a killer whale. He is also commonly drawn with fins attached to his wolf-like claws and legs.