Wavered Spirit

Basswood, Beads, Feathers, Charring


Basswood, Wood

“Wavered Spirit is inspired by the mask who presented itself to me in Quinhagak, Alaska during the summer of 2017.  This mask was facing up in one piece buried within the floor boards of a Qasqiq (community house).  Each object, personal or communal, were scattered through out this structure giving small clues to how people were living 500-600 years ago.

Recently I visited this mask in Aberdeen, Scotland in January 2018 for a visit to the university where the pieces are being cleaned and preserved before being brought back to Quinhagak to be installed in a cultural center where the knowledge and sacred objects are being held for the community.  The piece was in excellent condition and was able to reveal more small details after being cleaned.

On the top left of the mask one may be able to see a small dark coloration.  I took some of this coloration and exaggerated this aspect on Wavered Spirit.

Wavered Spirit is the story of the reality and raw nature of humanity in all of its forms.  The burnt space on the left upper forehead represents the natural form of humanity.  In this space it is what it is and there is nothing to hide.  The hands on the piece are reaching out to connecting to the energy of the universe, the life energy.  As I have been traveling across the globe in many different place with many different types of people I have seen value in people.”

-Drew Michael, 2o18