Connected to Humanity

Basswood, Stones, Wire, Feathers, Charring

“While traveling in Europe January 2018 I found myself in Estonia with my great friend Anna Mossolova visiting her friends and family.  The land in Estonia is flat with endless views of trees and fields.  As we drove from one side of the country to the other in about 2.5 hours Anna explained the Estonian flag to me.  The blue stripe on the top is the sky with a black stripe in the center representing the trees and a white stripe of snow covering the flat land.

I pay tribute to my time in Estonia by including the flag colors blue, black, and white.  On all my times of travel I spend time to find a connection to the sky, wildlife or plant life,  land, and the many different lenses of the Universe.  With each day that passes we have a wonderful opportunity to see the world and connect to the energy each place carries.  In meeting a person we may see another aspect of our own humanity we may have not seen before.  In this piece I represented a connection to a transcendental knowledge and a process of connecting to the humanity within.  The humanity in which we see the root of who we are, the grounding of self.  Within this space of connecting to the heavens and the Earth we can find balance when we open our hearts and extend our own energy to others with grace, truth and wisdom.”

-Drew Michael