Untitled #2

Vitreograph Monoprint

Made at Pilchuck Glass School early in 2015 with help from Theodora Jonsson.

I covered a heavy sheet of float glass in a contact paper resist, then cut the resist with a knife, using the pattern from my first Raven’s Tail weaving. The patterns are an “eye” (lattice) and the “The echo of the spirit-voice of the tree reflected in shadow” (aka lightning.) I then coated the glass in acid, etching the design into the glass to create a plate which I could then print from. I inked the plate and ran it through Pilchuck’s press. The successive prints were made by adding paper stencils I cut out using the silhouettes of a raven and eagle from photographs I’d taken. The paper stencils were inked then laid over the glass plate, repeating the same printing procedure as with the first print.