Unigkuisnga (Tell Me A Story From Out There) & Quliyanguisnga (Tell Me A Story, Any Kind)

Found Objects, Salvaged Wood, Buoy, Oils, Pencil, Acrylic


Unexpected Alaska

“Unigkuisnga”, or “Tell Me A Story…From Out There…” is also known as Ungalaq (East Wind).

Its dimensions are 35″h x 15″w x 1.5″d. It is the left panel in the photo of both pieces.

“Quliyanguisnga”, or “Tell Me A Story…Any Kind”, is also known as Llaaniq (West Wind).

Its dimensions are 36″h x 14.5″w x 1.5″d. It is the right panel in the photo of both pieces.

The artist writes:

It is my understanding that “Quliyanguisinga” means ‘tell me a story…any kind’, even a story that comes from the little birds or something that happened recently. “Unigkuisnga” means tell me an ancient story that comes from out there…possibly an origin story.
 I included these wind words (Llaaniq (West Wind) Ungalaq (East Wind)) because more often than not, a story begins with weather. For example: “I was out fishing in my skiff…it was blowing East 35…” and right away, you know this person was fishing in some stormy weather. Or: “I went out hunting, it was blowing west 25…” right away you would know it is clear and cold out…but not too choppy on the water.