Undulate, Reflection Study #8

Hand-Cut Turkey Secondary Wing Covert Feathers, Mounted in Shadowbox



Isolating ourselves during Covid 19 has been for many of us, a time to deeply reflect on a lot of things. It has also been a special time for us who live in more rural areas to be out of doors. When I am down by the river watching the heron fly over the water, I don’t seem to reflect as much as delight in the present moment.

-Chris Maynard

Note: The feathers Maynard uses are from private aviaries and zoos. When birds shed or discard their feathers every year, he recycles them in his art. Most feathers used are from birds not native to North America—even the crow feathers. The exception to using feathers from North America are those from turkeys and grouse. All feathers used in Maynard’s artwork are legal to have and sell.