The River Robe

Melton Wool, Antique Fishing Lures, Mother of Pearl Buttons

“When we were kids fishing with our mother at Fish Creek near Juneau, AK, she recalled a memory from her childhood. As she looked upon the shallow creek of a few salmon running upstream, she said: In the olden days there were fish so thick we could walk across their backs to the other side. This is the name and meaning of this button robe.

The entire time I worked on this robe, I thought of my father and my two older brothers who all were commercial fisherman and fished for themselves, family, friends and community. And of course, I thought of my mother whose statement she made over 50 years ago was still remembered by her eldest daughter who just had to name a robe in honor of her childhood recollection. Here’s to my Mom, Dad, Brothers, and all who love salmon fishing!”