The Journey’s End: The Homecoming

14K Gold, Copper, Brass, Ivory, Keum Boo, Leather, Silk
  |   $7,450

Medallion materials: 14K Gold, Copper, Brass, Fossilized Mammoth Ivory, Keum Boo (Fine Gold and Silver), Leather, Silk, Sterling Silver.

Tenenbaum’s statement on the medallion:
This piece is about paths, obstacles, events, damaging wounds, rebirth, and healing. The lines and arrows represent trails, passageways, lifepaths, attempts at forward progress, and overcoming obstacles. The beads on the right, which spin in place, represent relationships that didn’t go anywhere. The leather sutures represent the way we all stitch ourselves up again and again after our hearts have been torn open.

The cloth-like texture of the encircling frame represents the binding of our wounds and the threadbare raiment that holds us all together. The piece of old ivory set at the top, along with the stars, represent sailing on, persevering, and reaching the top
of the mountain where our wings can finally open in celebration and joy.

Collaboration with Hib Sabin for his November 2012 solo exhibition.