The Blind Poet and His Muse

Juniper Wood, Pigments, Metal Base
  |   $10,000


Juniper, Owl, Raven, Wood

“In 1934 Pablo Picasso created a series of drawings and etchings collectively titled The Blind Minotaur Led by a Girlpart of a larger series of etchings known as the Vollard Suite. Far a long turn I have been transfixed by the total vulnerability of the Minotaur displayed in the “Blind Minotaur” series, so unlike the lusty, brutish bull/man that Picasso is noted for portraying.

In my “Blind Poet and His Muse”, raven replaces the minotaur and owl the girl. Is the raven/poet really blind as he reaches out for support from the owl/muse, or is he metaphorically blind to the creative process — reaching out for inspiration from the muse?”

-Hib Sabin, 2019.