Spirit of Eagles – Giclée on Canvas

Unique Giclée Print on Canvas

The Soviet Union did not have an exhibit at the World’s Fair, but Soviet cosmonaut Gherman Titov (the second man to orbit the Earth) did come to sightsee. Surrounded by a phalanx of KGB agents, the 5 foot-4-inch tall spaceman was barely visible to the crowds as he toured the grounds. Still, many peeked and peered through arms and torsos, hoping to catch a glimpse of him.

Not to be bested, the United States sent its own astronaut to the fair — Lt. Col. John Glenn, along with Friendship 7, his Project Mercury space capsule. Youngsters tailed Glenn everywhere he went, looking up at the American hero in awe and excitement.”

This print is a juxtaposition between two eagles: one, an astronaut in the Lunar Lander Eagle, the other an animal more suited to sky than space.

-Text excerpted from “Century 21 — The 1962 Seattle World’s Fair”, by Alan J. Stein for HistoryLink.org