Snow Falling on Cedars

Acrylic Wool Blend, Mother of Pearl Blanket Pin


Blanket, Fiber, Wool


Celebrate Puget Sound

The Puget Sound is graced with the beauty of grandmother cedar. So abundant are her children that we take for granted that upon any walk, any drive, or any mention of the Northwest Coast, cedars are always there.

This Coast Salish woven blanket is a tribute to both our wealth of cedars and our glorious Puget Sound. You will find that there are two distinct weave styles incorporated within this one blanket. In fact, among Coast Salish weaves combining both the twill and twining techniques are by far the most difficult. The twining is found in the border and the twill is in the center of the blanket. Enjoy!

Elk bone blanket pin made by Shaunte Bernal, Taos Pueblo