Sit eeti Gheiyi T’aakw Dis / Glacier Bay Winter Moon Mask

Yellow Cedar, Horsehair, Operculum Shells, Acrylic

“When I sat down to create this mask, I was thinking about my (Ax Tlaa) Mom’s homeland of Glacier Bay. I wantd to capture the beauty and rawness of the Land. Alaska in the Wintertime is cold and beautiful, so I chose to carve a winter moon with the cold wind blowing out of its mouth, and wind/wave action fine lines on its face. Surrounded by the snow falling (opercula shells), wind blowing, night stars. And the moon loooks down and smiles at the icebergs floating in the Bay during the wintry nights.”

-Sat-Kaa (Fred Fulmer), Chookaneidee Clan, Iceberg House