Rose Window

Open Edition Corten Steel
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Also available in other sizes, metals and colors. Contact the gallery for more information. Patina may differ from photograph — patinas are a combination of oxidation and other factors and cannot be perfectly replicated. Detail photos include a patina of a different color for reference.

Rose Window is the term for enormous circles of inset glass from Europe’s Medieval cathedrals. The overall circle with its inner spiral comes from a small design in the 9th century Irish Book of Kells. I have turned this into a kind of formline design with its three inner circles.

The circle on the left is a traditionally styled ovoid representing The Past. The free-form circle on the right is symbolic of the Present. The circle at the top is a human figure holding and/or shouldering primary design elements as he rushes off right into the Future.

– Barry Herem.

Note: The three circular designs within Rose Window are also available on their own.