Raven’s Journey (1990)

Limited Edition Embossed Serigraph, Framed

This print was created around the box of daylight story of Raven transforming into a boy to get into the box of daylight and steal the sun. The print shows Raven flying up into the sky in mid-transformation, from Boy back into Raven.

Embossing is accomplished by use of a metal plate (magnesium, cooper or brass). Magnesium plates are mechanically etched while the brass plates are hand engraved by a die cutter. This was the first print where Oliver used 3D brass dies for embossing, after finding a professional die cutter to work with. He carved a small maskette of the Raven/Boy figure in this print to show the die cutter exactly how to dish out the eye: he wanted it to look just like a traditionally carved mask.