Raven Rattle

Alder, Acrylic, Spruce Root, Beads, Custom Stand
  |   $7,500


Splendor In Spring II

Dimensions are of rattle in its stand. The rattle alone is 13″ long.

This exquisite Raven Rattle by Neeka Cook (Tlingit) was almost a year in the making, and we are so honored to show it in our gallery. Cook studied historic Tlingit rattles extensively in the run-up to carving this work, and he has manifested the power, beauty, and magic of the old rattles in his. While the historic rattles have been researched by anthropologists and scholars, much of their significance remains unknown, as they were primarily used by shamans in private healing rituals. Few artists tackle the creation of these rattles, as they are considered by many to be the most challenging object to create on the Coast. Neeka is a supremely gifted artist who loves to work small and meticulously. And he is brave.