q̕ɬúməčən (Killer Whale)

Charcoal and Colored Pencil on Toned Gray Paper, Conservation Framed
  |   $1,755

q̕ɬúməčən represents the Strong People. Known as the Orca, Killer Whale, or Blackfish, they travel in multi-generational pods. They symbolize love, family, and protection for those who travel away from home, returning them safely. This piece was inspired by the vulnerability felt when making a big decision, taking a new path, leaping into the unknown towards your goals, hopes, and dreams. With q̕ɬúməčən there to guide you, as a constant reminder of the family that depends on and believes in you and brings you strength to continue on that journey.

~ Amber Spindel

This piece is on loan at gallery i.e  in Edison, WA until June 3rd, but is available for purchase.