Old White Tail (2005)

Limited Edition Drypoint Etching
  |   $900

Published at Moon and Dog Press, with Master Printer Seiichi Hiroshima. South Beach, OR / Tokyo, Japan.


“Old White Tail” is a fiercely beautiful hawk with the image of a skull- both images are iconic for Rick… one a tactical strategist, the other a trickster- we never know when our time is up, when death will come calling- right? Rick talked about how proximate he felt death had been in his life- so it honed his awareness, his extra appreciation of time and life and joy, the present moment, and observing hawks of course!
Rick had a nearly 20 year printmaking collaboration with Japanese, Master Printer Seiichi Hiroshima. Seiichi was the master printer for most of the drypoint prints and monotypes that Rick made. Rick asked Seiichi to chose ink colors and papers. This is a very special paper- handmade Japanese paper that is stained with kakishibu (natural persimmon tannin dye). Each piece of paper stained with this dye results in a different effect- across the surface of the paper- the natural fibers resist or absorb the dye differently.”