Old Time Coyote

Pastel on Paper, Matted

To Bartow, the Coyote’s wisdom is both good and bad. In other words, you can learn as much from what he does as from what he doesn’t do. Canine imagery are in any number of stories. When a dog form is used, it often refers to something as being skewed, or running off course. The coyote is always a rascal.

The asian characters in this painting do not necessarily have a specific meaning, rather they act as balance for visual stimulation.

Bartow has long been fascinated with the concept of translation – less with the exact meaning of a translation, and more with the meaning between the words, in an abstract sense. Bartow has also been inspired by the Japanese language and its complexities and by German artist, Janssen Horst, who used alpha numeric characters in his work. While Bartow rarely knew the translation of these characters in Japanese or German, he saw their value as graphic elements and intriguing symbols.