Old Man Raven

Limited Edition Bronze
  |   $5,200


Bird, Bronze, Metal, Raven

Carolyn Stone’s Staff Picks:

I have a soft spot for Old Man Raven. Because he is a part of a limited edition of bronzes, he continues to return to the gallery each time we sell him. He is like an old friend who might leave us for a time, but we know he will return eventually. His usual perch is on the gallery counter, giving me the perfect advantage to keep my eye on him and have a chat from time to time.

Sitting near him also allows me to watch people’s interactions with him – petting his feathers, patting his head. Year after year, people have responded to him in the same way: there is something inviting about the space behind his head, and people are comfortable touching him there. Many of Hib’s other works are more delicate and don’t necessarily welcome visitors to physically interact with them. The solidity of Old Man Raven seems to beg people to give him attention and affection.