Nothing to Be Done, Nobody Comes–Nobody Goes, For Reasons Unknown, Only Time Will Tell

Carved and Painted Juniper Wood on Metal Bases
  |   On Loan


Bird, Juniper, Raven, Wood

“I consider this to be the finest carving I have produced to date. It comprises two raven ‘bums’ inspired by the two principle protagonists in Samuel Beckett’s play, “Waiting for Godot”, Vladimir and Estragon (Didi and Gogo). These two characters represented here by their raven counterparts are the existential heroes of our times. They are waiting around for someone or something to come. The secret we share, which they are unaware of, is that there will be no coming–only waiting. This is a marvelous theme to be contemplating as we sit in lockdown waiting for a return to interaction. I could go on with thoughts and speculation on these two, but their very presence speaks for itself.”

-Hib Sabin

Watch Sabin’s discussion of this piece from his July 2020 artist talk: