Northern Lights

Yellow Cedar, Wood Glue, Acrylic Paint, Mineral Oil
  |   $2,900


Acrylic, Cedar

I was deeply inspired by the northern lights when contemplating the creation of this piece. The bright hues of color that dance in the sky are a result of solar flares that clash with the Earth’s atmosphere. The north and south poles have entryways into our magnetic field, where the solar flares seep in. I am fascinated by the aurora and excited to represent them this way. 

At the center of the panel, there are red arrows and those illustrate the solar flare hitting the north pole entryway. The green and red formline that span across the panel are the northern lights. 

This is my first experience carving 2D. It stands as a pivotal project in my journey as an artist. I am beyond grateful to Wayne Price, my mentor.