My Light in the Darkness

Limited Edition Giclée

“We have all experienced times of doubt and even for some major depression or downfall. In my years working as an artist I’ve had a good share of struggle. One memory in particular when I felt like I’d lost out on so many things professional and personal an elder shared with me that we all have something within us that has meaning to why we push through hard times, that it may be a sound or a song to someone, it might be a painting or even a memory of something where they were truly present. It took some time for me to truly understand that because it is not something someone can teach you, because it is you.

In our present state of tension at the time this print is made many people around the world feel a struggle and I include myself in that group. It is easy to look outward for comfort in relationships or immediate gratification, where we go from there always must return to self resolve. This is part of my favorite phrases in the Lushootseed language of my Coast Salish people which I can only phonetically atempt here lah-tsa-boo which means Take care of yourself. It’s only then we can really connect with others in any relationship romantic or otherwise.

The bird figures alluded to here above the main figure are showing up in my work and much to my curiosity as why but I cannot always explain the details of every piece and this in particular I think can stand on it’s merits along with what I understand it to be.


-Shaun Peterson – Qwalsius, 2018