Mountain Sheep Bracelet (Collaboration with Joe David)

Sand Etched Glass on Custom Stand
  |   $16,000

With this glass cuff, Singletary and David (Nuu-chah-nulth) honor the history of mountain sheep bracelets on the Coast. The sinuous abstract formline is masterful, and the color of this cuff is the same rich color of a steamed and bent sheep horn. Spoons, bowls, bracelets and other implements were made from mountain sheep horn in a tricky process that showed mastery of steam-bending and engraving.

Collaborations between Joe David and Preston Singletary offer the collector a rare and exquisite opportunity to own and live with works that embody the excellence of both Northwest Coast art and studio glass art.

The image to the left is of a mountain sheep horn bracelet made by Joe David for an exhibition at Stonington in 2005. The glass version created with Singletary captures the warm, rich tone of the natural material, and both bear David’s impeccable formline design.

Photography on black by Russell Johnson.