Acrylic, Alder, Glass and 24k Gold-Plated Beads, Druzy Crystals
  |   $1,200

“In Tlingit mythology, woman gave birth to Raven, who then released the sun, moon and stars into the sky. Woman became pregnant with Raven by swallowing a spruce needle from the stream. Through her relationship with water, woman illuminated the world.

This piece blends carving and beading – often thought to be “men’s work” and “women’s work”. It is a common misconception that Tlingit women did not carve. I am pleased to report that there were known Tlingit female carvers – the knowledge of their existence has been preserved in the deepest Tlingit strongholds. Their pieces remain in museums today. This necklace also honors the Tlingit female carvers of times past.”

-Alison Bremner